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Jeremy Anderson

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Jeremy Anderson is the Golf Swing Guru. Jeremy specializes in full swing through utilization of all different forms of technology that he owns such as FlightScope, BodiTrak, Focusband. A six time Nominee for Illinois PGA Teacher of the Year, Jeremy, has had students qualify for USGA events, get scholarships and win college tournaments, and win many national/international junior golf tournaments. Jeremy is also a featured writer for and The Huffington Post. An accomplished player in his own right, Jeremy still loves to compete at the PGA Section level. His mantra to his students is that “If you outwork everyone your only opponent is the moment.”

I want help make Phoenix great. It is important for me, someone who is new to the community, to dive in head first and start to establish myself as a integral part of the fabric that is Phoenix. Strong downtown areas for the residents and the tourists make for a better and stronger economy for the people of Arizona.