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850zip is a hyper-local loyalty program designed to reward community members for supporting local businesses. We complement other local initiatives by engaging the community through loyalty rewards and unique volunteer experiences in their neighborhoods.


People get connected ●Businesses grow ●Communities get stronger ●Everyone wins!


How We Work: Local businesses located in the 850 zip codes join for FREE, in turn businesses create special offers that saves their customers money, creates loyalty, and makes their experience better than ever. Community Members pay just $20 a year to unlock exclusive loyalty rewards and VIP services; yep it’s that easy!


Our Motto: Be You – Be The Good


Our Way: DOING GOOD in the neighbor HOOD


Our Why: 850zip was born to create stronger neighborhoods and communities by magnifying the impact of individual contributions to the economic vitality and social infrastructure of society, it’s our legacy and way of giving back to the families who call Phoenix home.


Our Vision: is to create a community of intentionally-minded people who promote local economic empowerment and build stronger community connections.


Our Core Values:


Human Rights ●Economic Empowerment ●Sustainability ●Animal Welfare


Why “B” Corporation: We have a triple bottom line focused on people, planet, and profit. We reinvest our profits in selected local non-profits and increased marketing for our business members. In 2018, 850zip was awarded Best for The World Honoree as a B Corporation. We are proud to be a part of a small group of B Corporations in Arizona.


Join the movement and become a Community Member, Business Member, or BOTH!

Opportunity to connect with other community-minded business leaders to collaborate and co-create programs and support for this amazing city we call home, Phoenix, Arizona.