Proposition 105 & 106 Information

Fight Back Against the Attack on Phoenix’s Future

You likely have heard from Phoenix Community Alliance and others about the importance of making your voice heard in this election by voting “NO” on both ballot propositions 105 & 106.

Proposition 105

-Proposition 105: PCA opposes Proposition 105 because the approval of this ballot measure would send Phoenix backwards and jeopardize light rail development. Having access to safe and reliable multi-modal transportation options is a strong part of the Multi-Modal Connectivity Committee’s work plan.


Read PCA’s Argument in Opposition to Proposition 105 HERE.

Proposition 106

-Proposition 106: PCA opposes Proposition 106 as it significantly impairs the City’s ability to fund the programs that support families and neighborhoods – and could result in the elimination of some of these programs. These programs are essential to PCA’s community-building efforts and the loss of these programs would greatly impact the advocacy work of our organization.


Read PCA’s Argument in Opposition to Proposition 106 HERE.

Together, we need to make sure this does NOT happen.

For more information on the campaign against Propositions 105 & 106, please visit the Invest in PHX website or Facebook page.