Social & Housing Advancement Committee

In the mid-2000s, PCA played a vital role in the development and fundraising efforts to create the Human Services Campus (204 S 12th Avenue), a critical component in the city’s efforts to aid the families and individuals in need of services and housing.

The Social & Housing Advancement (SHA) Committee – and subcommittees on Affordable Housing, Social Services, and Communications – was formed in 2019 to continue the conversation and take specific, targeted actions.


Dr. Sheila Harris, Private Professional

Mo Stein, HKS Architects


We promote community partnerships that initiate local collaboration and facilitate the creation of viable and integrated options in order to break the cycle of homelessness and build a healthier Downtown.


We will work to facilitate and help coordinate social services and affordable housing for those in need in order to positively impact the health of Downtown Phoenix.


The Committee convenes monthly to oversee the work of the three subcommittees. Subcommittees fall under the larger SHA Committee, and specifically work to support the mission and vision of the SHA Committee, as well as address current initiatives and/or identified priorities critical to assisting our vulnerable population. The subcommittees regularly present vetted information and concepts to the larger SHA Committee.


Subcommittee for Social Services (Jim McPherson, Chair)

The goal of SHA’s Subcommittee for Social Services is to facilitate and promote social services in the downtown area.


Current Initiatives and/or Priorities:

Family unification

Eviction prevention

Subcommittee for Affordable Housing (Sheila Harris, Chair)

The goal of SHA’s Subcommittee for Affordable Housing is to facilitate and promote affordable housing options and programs in the downtown area.


Current Initiatives and/or Priorities:

Advocate for affordable housing as a “community benefit”

Use and promote existing housing funds

Subcommittee for Communications (Andy Lucich, Chair)

The goal of SHA’s Subcommittee for Communications is to create effective communications that support the efforts of the Social Services and Affordable Housing teams, as well as the overarching committee.


Invest in statewide responses to addressing the affordable housing crisis and rise in Arizonans experiencing homelessness by restoring the state housing trust fund, enacting a state low-income housing tax credit, and start making general fund investments (state agency budgets).


Advocate for policies that support agencies and organizations connecting individuals experiencing a housing crisis to the help they need. This includes stable funding of Arizona’s 211 system, which tracks Arizonans’ efforts to find shelter and housing while documenting inequitable access, and supporting non-discriminatory protections and policy reforms for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other vulnerable populations in housing, employment, and public accommodation.


Coordinate local, regional, and state efforts to end homelessness and increase affordable housing by reconvening the Arizona Commission on Housing and Homelessness to recommend policy and regulatory changes, ensure accountability and transparency, eliminate duplicative programs, and enhance local community planning efforts.


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