McDowell Road Revitalization Committee

The McDowell Road Revitalization Committee is leading efforts

to shape and promote quality revitalization projects in the area along McDowell Road from 7th Street to State Route 51. supports the Miracle Mile and highlights McDowell as a thriving Main Street destination providing Phoenix neighbors with a vibrant mix of walkable, community-driven services


Joel McCabe, Trellis


The McDowell Road Revitalization Committee focuses on revitalizing, versus redeveloping, the McDowell Road Commercial Corridor from 7th Street to State Route 51. By collaborating with the appropriate City of Phoenix departments, local neighborhood associations, and businesses along the corridor, the Members of the Committee work to make a functional corridor for all.


As the northern bookend of Greater Downtown Phoenix, McDowell Road functions as a major artery between Downtown and Valley freeways, Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix, and to Coronado and Garfield historic neighborhood districts, offering tremendous commercial potential.


For new Members, this Committee is project-based with the ability to affect short and long-term changes to the historic Miracle Mile Corridor and impact the attraction of new businesses.

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To discuss and make recommendations to address the transportation connections between Downtown Phoenix, it’s large and small employers, and how they connect to the McDowell Road Corridor. This includes public transportation, bikes, shared transportation, walking, vehicular traffic, addressing infrastructure improvements, including sidewalks, trails, bikes, etc.


Support the businesses along the corridor by not only marketing and promotion of the corridor to attract new business to the area but also, identifying resources to share with existing business to help them to expand or grow and be successful.


Facilitate discussion about the implementation of a District Zoning Overlay to provide parking and development on East McDowell Road’s Miracle Mile and support the corridor’s economic development.


Work with the City of Phoenix to identify areas on the corridor where complete streets and pedestrian/traffic safety measures can be implemented.


Support existing business, neighborhood concerns, and new businesses on the corridor by advocating for revitalization policies, including anti-displacement provisions, that protects neighborhood character and preserves historic buildings.