Homelessness Committee

PCA played a vital role in the development and fundraising efforts to create the Human Services Campus —

a critical component in the City’s efforts to deal with the current opioid and homeless crisis.


Sheila Harris, Private Professional

Mo Stein, HKS Architects

The Human Services Campus is nearly 13 years old and has a long history with PCA and addressing homelessness in the community. The Committee is focused on next steps of finding and funding permanent solutions both for services and housing to end homelessness in our community, and asking itself, what should be PCA’s advocacy and leadership role in this crisis?

Current Initiatives:

The PCA Homelessness Committee meetings are intended to continue the conversation addressing this question. The Committee is currently divided into three subcommittees.


• Homeless Services and Eviction Prevention

• Affordable Housing

• Communications


The Committee is currently working to identify its mission and vision, including its name, and is hoping to have effective deliverables in the future.



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