Hance Park Fundraising Committee

Margaret T. Hance Park, 32 acres of open space in Downtown Phoenix,

has the ability to demonstrate to the world what Phoenix continues to become: a thriving, must-see, world class city.


Larry Lazarus, Lazarus, Silvyn & Bangs

Tim Sprague, Habitat Metro


The Margaret T. Hance Park Revitalization Project is a public-private partnership led by the Hance Park Partner Coalition, consisting of the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department, Phoenix Community Alliance, and the Hance Park Conservancy.


• The revitalization project is estimated to cost $100 million and funding will come from public and private sources. The project is expected to be completed in multiple phases

• Updated design concepts for the revitalization project were unveiled at a public open house in May 2018

• A fundraising campaign is being led by the Phoenix Community Alliance

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Continue to tell the story of the revitalization of the 32 acre jewel in the heart of Downtown Phoenix


Activate with the community and potential donors by creating strategies for outreach and fundraising


Advocate for Senate Bill 1241 which may restore the Arizona State Park Heritage Fund. The fund promotes historic preservation initiatives including areas like Margaret T. Hance Park


Advocate for local, state, and federal initiatives and funding that support urban parks, including Margaret T. Hance Park.