Education Committee

Downtown is filled with amazing educational institutions,

from grade schools and vocational training all the way up to world-renowned universities.

The High Rising Schools of Phoenixis a PR campaign, led by the Committee’s efforts, promoting the quality of a Downtown Phoenix education.


Heidi Schaefer, SRP


Greg Falls, Sherman & Howard


Greater Downtown Phoenix is recognized as offering unparalleled educational opportunities for all learners. Education is a vital component of successful economic development and is essential for a thriving urban core.


The PCA Education Committee works with educational institutions to support educational and workforce opportunities in Greater Downtown Phoenix.


The Committee works collaboratively to promote the importance of education in Greater Downtown Phoenix and fosters an environment of sustainable support from the business community.


With the help of PCA Member ON Advertising, develop the PR campaign, ‘High Rising Schools of Phoenix’ to highlight the quality education choices that exist in the Downtown area and improve the business community’s perception of schools in Greater Downtown Phoenix.


Foster an environment of support by building partnerships between PreK-12 Schools, Higher Education institutions, and PCA business Members.


Advocate for permanent higher education funding for Community Colleges and Universities, including the Arizona Board of Regents’ New Economy Initiative.


Advocate for funding mechanisms regarding current critical education issues like unfunded mandates and teacher shortages.

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