Central City Planning Committee

Since 2016 alone, hundreds of hotel rooms and thousands of residential units have been constructed across Greater Downtown Phoenix,

with even more projects in the planning stages. None of this is by accident.


Billy Shields, Hansji Corporation

Matt Seaman, Metrowest Development


Brian Cassidy, CCBG Architects


Since the inception of PCA in 1983, when a much smaller Downtown was in decline, a number of ballot measures led by PCA and the Central City Planning and Development Committee helped usher in catalytic public-private partnerships, processes, and incentives to help make new development projects possible.


Today, the Committee works with developers, City departments, and community groups to refine development Downtown by showcasing the current development process.


For prospective Members, this Committee offers connections, insights and access to the people, development professionals, and government processes that are shaping downtown.


Act as a liaison between developers and community groups, encouraging communication and outreach at the neighborhood level.


Give updates and presentations on current and future projects happening in Greater Downtown Phoenix, broken down by market segment.


Provide opportunities for PCA Members to network with others involved in development related industries.


Continue to work with the City of Phoenix Planning & Development Department to detail and refine the recurring challenges developers of various types and sizes encounter. View the Committee’s Downtown Development Process Report here.


Advocate for funding to promote historic preservation in future City of Phoenix Bond Program.


Support legislative measures regarding the modification of incentives for developers and for urban specific legislation and municipal initiatives.

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