Central City Planning & Development Committee

Many ballot measures led by PCA helped make new development projects possible in Greater Downtown Phoenix.

This Committee works with developers, City departments, and community groups to refine development Downtown.


Billy Shields, Hansji Corporation
Matt Seaman, Cardon Development Group, LLC


Brian Cassidy, CCBG Architects


Since the inception of PCA in 1983, when a much smaller Downtown was in decline, a number of ballot measures led by PCA and the Central City Planning and Development Committee helped usher in catalytic public-private partnerships, processes, and incentives to help make new development projects possible.

For prospective Members, this Committee offers connections, insights and access to the people, development professionals, and government processes that are shaping downtown.


Act as a liaison between developers and community groups, and continue work with City Planning staff toward development process improvements.

Feature helpful presentations on tough-to-navigate issues and building challenges (for example historic preservation, right of way permitting issues, major utilities etc.).

Provide opportunities for PCA Members to network with others involved in development related industries.


Support state and local legislative measures and initiatives that promote development incentives to create equitable and diverse housing types meeting the needs of all who seek housing in Downtown, emphasizing economic stability and reducing the displacement of neighborhoods, while contributing to the historic and cultural diversity of Greater Downtown Phoenix.

Advocate for initiatives that promote a built environment, which enhances quality infill development; encouraging and supporting walkability and multi-modal options, as well as sustainable design, including but not limited to the mitigation of the urban heat island effect, within the pending update to the Downtown Strategic Vision.

Continue to work with the City of Phoenix Planning & Development Department to detail and refine the recurring challenges developers of various types and sizes encounter in Greater Downtown Phoenix.

Continue advocacy for the City’s General Obligation Bond Program elements, which include enhancements for downtown. Examples include pocket parks, green spaces, urban parks, historic preservation, etc. historic preservation, etc.

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We are so grateful to join such a powerful organization making a true difference in the communities we serve.
- Katrina Heineking, COO, Transdev Services Inc.