Public Affairs

Our alliance articulates the vision of Greater Downtown Phoenix

by formulating public policy and shaping key messages for the benefit of the city, state, and the entire region.


Ruben Alvarez, Managing Partner, Molera Alvarez


Committee Purpose:


Develop PCA’s annual public policy agenda for adoption by the Board of Directors.


Assure that the strategic needs and interests of PCA are represented in the annual public policy agenda.


Provide ongoing coordination of communication with PCA Members concerning the legislative, regulatory, and other public policy activities and initiatives impacting the work of PCA and its Members.


Make recommendations to develop and implement strategies to achieve the public policy agenda of PCA.

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Support or oppose city ordinances/resolutions and employment development actions


Support or oppose legislative bills and ballot propositions


Support or oppose initiatives of the City of Phoenix department-led initiatives that impact the physical, economic, or social character of Greater Downtown Phoenix.


Educate candidates on the PCA’s priorities; evaluate candidates’ positions on issues impacting downtown; and educate PCA Members on candidates’ positions


Support or oppose private development initiatives that impact the delivery and implementation of the City of Phoenix Downtown Strategic Plan


At the end of each year, PCA Committees discuss public policy items they would like to advocate for in the following year. Once approved by the Public Affairs Committee, the public policy agenda is then provided to the PCA Board of Directors for approval. The 2021 Public Policy Agenda was approved by the Board in November.


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