Phoenix Community Alliance (PCA) is an influential 501(c)(3) nonprofit community development organization that has tremendous impact on Greater Downtown Phoenix through the united vision and commitment of our Members.

Formed in 1983, when a much smaller Downtown Phoenix was in decline, PCA launched significant public-private partnerships that catalyzed quality new development in the heart of Phoenix, and contributed to our growing urban vitality. As the premier business leadership organization dedicated to Greater Downtown, PCA provides engagement opportunities that link key stakeholders, identify synergies across sectors, foster collaboration, and connect key decision makers to resources and potential partners.

Today, PCA continues to find the right opportunities for business leaders to collaborate with government – city, county, state, and local federal agencies – and with other stakeholders including educational, cultural, community groups, research institutions, and emerging industries to build the 21st century city we want. PCA continues to work closely with City of Phoenix elected officials and staff and serves as an effective platform for public/private dialogue on community and economic development issues.  As the membership affiliate of Downtown Phoenix Inc., PCA immediately connects you with all that Downtown Phoenix has to offer. PCA Members have greater access to information and opportunities that directly and positively affect their businesses, bottom lines, and impact in the community.

Meet The Staff

Cyndy Gaughan

Senior Director of PCA

As Senior Director of PCA, Cyndy leads the day-to-day operations of the organization. In her executive leadership role, Cyndy works closely with all of PCA’s Committee Chairs and Co-chairs in advancing the mission of each of PCA’s diverse advocacy projects.


As a result of her already accomplished career, Cyndy brings her award-winning, top-tier business development experience to the position and demonstrates daily her relationship development and management skills. She is a highly recognizable ambassador for PCA and all of Downtown Phoenix.


Cyndy holds an Arizona Real Estate Broker License and Bachelor of Science in Business with a management concentration with real-world experience in both homebuilding management and commercial real estate. She currently serves as a Board Director on the Evans Churchill Community Association, Central Arts Alliance/Phoenix Center for the Arts, and Area Agency on Aging boards.


As a Downtown Phoenix resident, Cyndy excited to walk the talk, living, working, playing, learning, and creating in this thriving urban center she calls home. You’ll be sure to see her out in the community if you consider yourself a Phoenix Downtowner.

Patrick McDaniel

Senior Manager Membership Services & Development

Patrick is a Downtown Phoenix resident whose passion for rallying diverse relationships and background in business outreach make him a great fit for this role.


As Senior Manager, Membership Services & Development, Patrick will be implementing our membership development strategies, managing our program for welcoming new Members to PCA, and, most importantly, building relationships with you, our Members, to serve as an additional point of contact. Patrick is enthusiastic about working alongside our Membership Engagement Committee and its chair, Bryan Albue, to further the Committee’s work plan of connecting with and providing value to Members.


We are so excited to have Patrick on the team and eagerly anticipate his role in supporting PCA as we work to grow our robust membership, further our advocacy initiatives, and continue our impact on Greater Downtown Phoenix.


When you see Patrick out and about on Downtown Phoenix patios, his favorite place to people watch, make sure you say hello!

Leah Tan

Communications + Events Manager

Leah Tan is a card carrying Downtowner—a member of the growing legion of urbanites choosing a live/work/play/learn lifestyle. Leah came to Phoenix Community Alliance by way of Arizona State University, where she was first introduced to PCA during a semester spent working with the Education Committee researching the perception of Education in the urban core.


Leah is proud to be a part of a team that is able to make such positive impacts on the neighborhood and community she loves so much.


Leah’s passions outside the office include dogs, propagating plants, yoga, and weekend bike rides around DTPHX neighborhoods.