Phoenix Community Alliance (PCA) Members play a vital role in determining the current focus and trajectory of the organization, in addition to shaping the future. PCA Committees work with public and private stakeholders to nurture mutual interests and grow investment throughout Greater Downtown Phoenix.

Joining one of PCA’s advocacy Committees means being an active participant in the important work of moving a city forward and maintaining the momentum of progress that has already been achieved.

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Arts, Culture and Public Life

untitled-designChair: Carol Poore, Ph.D., Private Professional
Vice Chair: Bryan Albue, Sherman & Howard

Partnering with the arts can build a competitive advantage for businesses — helping build market share, enhancing branding, and reaching new customers. The goal of this committee is to support the arts, culture, and public space amenities of Greater Downtown Phoenix through PCA membership engagement, connecting with City of Phoenix initiatives, and acting as a conduit between the business community and arts, culture, and public life sectors.

Current initiatives:

  • Hosting receptions, events, and programming meant to enhance awareness of the city’s creative amenities and spaces
  • Launching ArtWORKS PHX, an exciting web-based digital campaign showcasing Phoenix companies that are engaging in arts and culture to attract business, talent, and collectively foster recognition as a creative city
  • Acting as a resource to developers, designers, and entrepreneurs as new Downtown Phoenix projects emerge, creating synergy between the arts and economic development

For prospective Members, this Committee offers an invaluable opportunity to connect with city leaders, urban designers, nonprofits, educators, and a range of other professionals passionate about arts and culture. Click here to find out meeting times, event info, and more.

Central City Planning and Development

cranes-1758459_1920Co-chair: Michael Lieb, Michael A. Lieb, Ltd.
Co-chair: Billy Shields, Hansji Group

In 2016 alone, hundreds of hotel rooms and thousands of residential units will be constructed across Greater Downtown Phoenix, with even more projects in the planning stages. None of this is by accident. Since the inception of PCA in 1983, when a much smaller downtown was in decline, a number of ballot measures led by PCA and the Central City Planning and Development Committee helped usher in catalytic public-private partnerships, processes, and incentives to help make these projects possible.

Current initiatives:

  • Providing updates and presentations on current and future projects happening in Greater Downtown Phoenix, broken down by market segment
  • Working on ballot measures like MovePHX, which was successfully passed into law in 2015 and will expand light rail, bus services, and improve aging streets across the city
  • Acting as a liaison between developers and community groups, encouraging communication and outreach at the neighborhood level

For prospective Members, this Committee offers connections, insights and access to the people, development professionals, and government processes that are shaping downtown. Click here to find out meeting times, event info, and more.

Information on the PCA Member development projects is available here.


school-1517196_1920Chair: Heidi Schaefer, SRP

Downtown is filled with amazing educational institutions, from grade schools and vocational training all the way up to world-renowned universities. In order to attract a broad range of residents, including more families and students, it’s essential to educate the broader public about these amazing facilities, which are building a brighter future for the central city. The goal of this Committee is to connect with and promote downtown’s public and private universities, colleges, K-12 schools, in addition to the vast network of workforce development and training institutions.

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Graffiti Hotline 602-262-7327

wall-103341_1920Chair: Kurt Schneider, L.D. Schneider and Associates

Realizing it’s not “just graffiti”, the Graffiti Hotline Committee was formed in 1995, when PCA business leaders saw a rise in graffiti throughout the city and recognized its negative impact on economic investment. Over the years, the Committee has developed a direct relationship with the Phoenix Police Department and Maricopa County officials in promoting awareness and coordinating reward monies on a quarterly basis. By encouraging graffiti reporting at the individual and neighborhood level, 2,250 successful arrests have been made, amounting to nearly $281,000 in rewards to date. Police department cases cleared total 2,610, of which 350 were gang related. The long-term vision of this Committee is to combat graffiti in the Downtown Core and surrounding areas, in addition to increasing communication with the Phoenix Police Department, Maricopa County, local school districts, and neighborhood groups.

Current initiatives:

  • Continuing to work with the Phoenix Police Department in providing rewards for successful arrests and de-escalating the spiral toward more violent crimes

For prospective Members, this Committee offers a chance to collaborate with local law enforcement and county officials in removing graffiti from city streets, identifying and prosecuting vandals, educating local youth about graffiti and the damage it does to communities. Click here to find out meeting times, event info, and more.

Health and Bioscience

unit-of-pressure-990462_1920Chair: Lisa Perez, Private Professional

Over the past decade, the Phoenix Biomedical Campus has significantly built up the bioscience industry in Greater Downtown Phoenix. Exponential growth in the areas of education, health science, research, and technology — and the students and professionals that came with it — created boundless opportunities for economic investment. Harnessing the energy of these booming sectors, the Health and Bioscience Committee is actively working to engage PCA Members in programs, services, and events that contribute to a healthier community.

Current initiatives:

  • A monthly educational happy hour called “Healthy Community, Healthy You,” which is a fun, factual and informal way to learn about health related public policies and programs
  • Launching a forum to highlight the success of the Phoenix Biomedical Campus
  • Continuing collaboration with the Hance Park Conservancy on the vision for a healthcare pavilion, as part of the master plan

For prospective Members, this Committee offers education about public policy programs as well as wonderful opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and network with a range of professionals. Click here to find out meeting times, event info, and more.

McDowell Road Revitalization

20161108_103408Co-chair: Joel McCabe, Trellis
Co-chair: Dr. Steve Narang, Banner University Medical Center – Phoenix

The McDowell Road Redevelopment Committee is leading efforts to shape and promote quality redevelopment and revitalization projects in the area along McDowell Road from Seventh Street to State Route 51. As the northern bookend of Greater Downtown Phoenix, McDowell Road functions as a major artery between downtown and Valley freeways, Banner University Medical Center — Phoenix, in addition to Coronado and Garfield historic neighborhood districts — offering tremendous commercial potential.

Current initiatives:

  • Forming long-term public-private partnerships to identify issues, develop strategies, and provide ongoing outreach to the community
  • Conducting a survey of neighborhood groups, local property owners, and community members. The findings will be compiled into a commercial corridor study, which will address aesthetic improvements, social and community needs, economic viability, and safety
  • Acting as a resource for homebuyers, developers, brokers, and the business community looking to invest in the McDowell Road corridor

For prospective Members, this Committee is extremely project-based with the ability to effect short and long-term changes in the development of Greater Downtown Phoenix. Click here to find out meeting times, event info, and more.

Membership Development

agree-1238964_1920Chair: Bryan Albue, Sherman & Howard
Vice Chair: Martha Bergener-Albue

If you like people, this is the Committee for you! Connecting with PCA members is important to engaging and retaining existing members. The “People Power” within the PCA is key to the success of our advocacy projects and we need to make sure our members come back for more each year. Just a little bit of your time goes a long way in this Committee!

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Multi-Modal Connectivity

pedestrians-400811_1920Co-chair: Rick Naimark, Arizona State University
Co-chair: Krista Shepherd, Gould Evans

Having access to safe and reliable multi-modal transportation options is vital to any great city. Through advocacy and public policy recommendations, this Committee is devoted to the development of present and future initiatives that boost rail, bus, biking, walking, safe streets, and parking options affecting businesses and residents of Greater Downtown Phoenix. Through active discussion and engagement, the goal is to develop an action plan and recommendations that benefit the community as a whole.

Current initiatives:

  • Evaluating parking issues related to street meters, structures, accessibility, shared and surface parking and developing public/private partnerships to increase the speed to market for solutions
  • Coordinating and assisting various PCA Committees and community groups on transportation-related topics and issues
  • Serving as a liaison for businesses during street construction and long-term detours
  • Developing and fostering ongoing partnerships with Phoenix police and fire, local transit authorities, universities, and community groups in an effort to be inclusive and collaborative

For prospective Members, this Committee provides a voice for multi-modal and public transportation advocates, and the ability to take part in projects shaping transit policy. Click here to find out meeting times, event info, and more.

Next Gen

found-re-phoenix-hart-hat-tourCo-chair: Nader Abushhab, Private Professional
Co-chair: Brianna Nessler, Private Professional

Comprised of the next generation of Phoenix business leaders, this Committee is geared toward young entrepreneurs and urban advocates looking to shape the future of Greater Downtown Phoenix.

Current initiatives:

  • Organizing tours and site visits of new and noteworthy development projects
  • Reviewing and providing feedback for the City of Phoenix’s 3rd Street Improvement Project, which is meant to improve bike and pedestrian access on Third Street between Indian School Road and Roosevelt Street
  • Creating a mentorship program with veteran PCA Members

For prospective Members, this is a great opportunity for young professionals and students to get involved in the community, network with other PCA Members, and gain valuable mentors. Click here to find out meeting times, event info, and more.