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No Bounds / The Mixologer

Member Since September 2022

No Bounds is a art-driven craft cocktail bar in the heart of the Roosevelt Row Arts District. At No Bounds we strive to showcase the art in our cocktails, food, decor and service. We will feature a changing seasonal menu where we will partner with local artists to create a curated environment fitting the new theme. During each menu change the previous artwork will be sold with all proceeds going director to the artist.

”Art knows No Bounds”


It is the first concept by The Mixologer (parent company).

At No Bounds our mission is to shed light on the creativity that is found in the mixology, culinary arts, and artists in the local area. We chose to join the PCA as a way to partner with the Downtown Phoenix and Roosevelt row areas to bring a sense of community to the downtown cocktail bar scene. We feel with the PCA we can showcase the various talents with more of the surrounding area and help encourage such an active city center to continue to grow.