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Michael Langley

Member Since January 2020

Mike has been engaging early, mid-career, and senior-level professionals and executives throughout his professional career. His experience spans socioeconomic strata and has led to work with people in international markets including Canada, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, France, Gambia, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Mexico, Poland, and Zimbabwe.

Originally from the East Coast, Mike believes that living and working in a diverse environment is a catalyst to success for individuals and organizations. His commitment to excellence and public good found him recognized by the Miami Foundation for the Jacki Tuckfield Memorial Award, given to those which foster intellectual wealth-building and economic prosperity.

As Deputy Director of Global ChamberĀ® Phoenix, Mike moved to Arizona after 15 years in Miami. He has been consistently active in both his personal and professional life collaborating with organizations throughout Arizona which focus on creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and other business leaders.

Phoenix is brimming with vibrancy and a diverse culture which makes it appealing to all of its internal and external stakeholders. I believe we have a responsibility to help the City reach its full potential. I have worked to improve the communities in which I have lived from their urban core for over a decade. I believe my passion, talent and skills have the ability to help transform Phoenix into a truly global metropolis.