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Heritage Square Foundation

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For more than 40 years, Heritage Square Foundation has operated to preserve the buildings, stories, and history of the oldest remaining residential block of the original townsite of Phoenix. The buildings on the Square date back to the late 1800s including the 1895 Rosson House Museum, though this site’s human history began much earlier with the Hohokam people who were the first to live here. Saved from demolition in the early 1970s through a community effort, Heritage Square provides a place where the past and present ignite imagination. Through preservation, programs, events, and memorable experiences, Heritage Square, a designated Phoenix Point of Pride, is a fun and engaging destination in the heart of Phoenix for tourists and members of the community.

Mission. Heritage Square Foundation is dedicated to preserving and sharing the stories, collection, historic buildings, and grounds of Heritage Square, serving as a relevant, engaging, and inclusive community resource and as a tangible connection to our diverse local history.

Vision. The people of Heritage Square Foundation have a vision to harness the power of shared personal and community experiences to enrich and transform lives. Heritage Square is:

  • Authentic. At Heritage Square, everyone is welcome to admire the original historic buildings inside and out, learn about Phoenix history and lifeways, walk your dog, enjoy a meal, share a cup of joe, exchange vows, and literally smell the roses. Life blossoms at Heritage Square.
  • A destination in the heart of Phoenix that represents not only the origins and history of Phoenix but also the ongoing development of our City, always reimagining our identity to connect with the people of Phoenix and remain relevant to our community’s needs and expectations.
  • A collaboration of volunteers, Foundation staff, City staff, business and nonprofit partners, and other stakeholders that actively seeks to build each other up and to understand and serve the diversity of people that makes up our audience of Phoenicians, Arizonans, and appreciated visitors.


Looking forward to making downtown Phoenix even better through partnerships and collaboration.