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Channel Powe

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Channel Powe has been a champion for communities, public schools, families and children for over a decade. She stands in the gap of racial inequities by using her experience, knowledge and influence to create equitable policies and strategy.

Ms. Powe’s work as an equity activist began as a child advocate in Detroit, Michigan which led to the City of Phoenix and Maricopa County appointments to boards and commissions. She served two consecutive terms on the Balsz Elementary School District Governing Board with her term in December 2020. During her tenure as a school board member, she has led the adoption of ten equity-based Board Resolutions and policies that include Recognizing Heritage months, Balsz ESD Commitment to Black Students and Black Lives, A City of Phoenix Civilian Oversight Board, Anti-Tabaco, Trauma Responsive, and Anti-Hate. Furthermore, she championed a districtwide divestment from a prison industry vendor. In 2015, the Arizona School Board Association named Channel Powe Advocate of the Year.

Currently Ms. Powe is an education, jedi and political consultant.  She’s a keynote speaker, Spokesperson, Progressive Governance Academy Trainer, Desert Botanical Garden Monarch Council member, American School Board Journal contributor and Phoenix Community Alliance Member.

In her role as Balsz ESD Board President, Ms. Powe led the Board in a national search for a new superintendent during a global pandemic and America’s racial reckoning. Serendipitously, the district appointed the first African American woman to serve in that position on Juneteenth 2020. That same year Powe led the board in the adoption of an equity-based five-year strategic plan and forged a partnership between Balsz ESD and 1619 Project Advocates of Arizona to offer The 1619 Project as supplemental curriculum in classrooms while training teachers to present the lessons.

Channel Powe’s vision and expertise in empowering and training those who seek systemic, universal change.

Joining PCA makes complete sense. I remember vividly when downtown Phoenix was a flat surface that my son would skateboard across when I worked inside of the Collier Center for the Black chamber, pre-city scape. Since then, I remained involved in its growth and development, fostering relationships with businesses, arts organizations, advocating for a safer downtown and as a patron. My first PCA meeting was in 2019. I was drawn to the Social & Housing Advancement subcommittee for a variety of reasons. It's my goal to contribute a voice of lived experience, elevate the voices that are not at the table and advance PCA's mission.