Arts, Culture & Public Life Committee

Partnering with the arts can create a competitive advantage for businesses —

and helps to build a creative, energetic, and inclusive city.


Catrina Kahler, Artlink Inc.


The Committee

At the heart of any strong city is an active arts and culture community. The Arts, Culture & Public Life Committee convenes both stakeholders and advocates for supporting and partnering with the arts to attract talent, maximize business innovation, advance an inclusive city, foster placemaking, and escalate community and economic development in Phoenix.


By connecting PCA Members to critical cultural assets, the Committee further positions and promotes Phoenix’s commitment to building an economically diverse, world-class city.


For prospective Members, this Committee offers an invaluable opportunity to connect with city leaders, urban designers, nonprofits, educators, and a range of other professionals passionate about arts and culture.

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Current Initiatives

Connect PCA’s Members to Phoenix’s arts, culture & Public life assets.


Act as a resource to developers, designers, and entrepreneurs as new Downtown Phoenix projects emerge, creating synergy between the arts and economic development.


Host the Creative City Series, a multi-faceted, cross-sector conversation about how we can Activate, Advocate, and Build the creative city we want.


Curate ArtWORKS PHX, a web-based digital campaign showcasing Phoenix companies that are engaging in arts and culture to attract business, talent, and collectively foster recognition as a creative city.

2022 Public Policy Agenda

Advocate for local, state, and federal arts and culture funding to improve our region’s community and economic development. 


Create awareness for the need to implement public art requirements, favoring local artists when appropriate, in private development and recommend appropriate text for policy. 


Support creative place-making, historic preservation, and other initiatives taken up by PCA that affect our region’s arts, culture, and public life.