Our Story

Phoenix Community Alliance (PCA) is an influential 501(C)3 nonprofit community development organization that has had tremendous impact on Greater Downtown Phoenix through the united vision and commitment of its Members.

Launched in 1983, when a much smaller Downtown Phoenix was in decline, PCA launched significant public-private partnerships that catalyzed quality new development in the heart of Phoenix, and contributed to our growing urban vitality. As the premier membership organization dedicated to Greater Downtown, PCA provides engagement opportunities that link key stakeholders, identify synergies across sectors, foster collaboration, and connect key decision makers to resources and potential partners.

Today PCA continues to find the right opportunities for business leaders to collaborate with government – city, county, state, and local federal agencies – and with other stakeholders including educational, cultural, research institutions, and emerging industries to build the 21st century city we want.

What is PCA?

  • Key decision makers in business, education, arts and culture, nonprofits, community organizations, and the City of Phoenix.
  • Powerful platform for impact on the city.
  • Membership affiliate of Downtown Phoenix Inc.