PCA Initiatives 2007-Present

Housing, Neighborhoods & Commercial Districts

Human Services Campus fundraising and development

Hope 6 Advisory committee

City Hall Art Gallery fiscal agent

Holiday Lights return to Central Avenue

Graffiti program continuation, exceeding $275,000 in rewards

Centennial Flags on Washington Street placed as a first step to the centennial project

Centennial Committee participation

Buzz meetings (H)

Roosevelt Pointe assistance dealing with the new urban form zoning

Town house planning ordinance to remove them from the condominium status

Downtown Plan development started by the private sector

Formed base zoning code development started by the private sector

Walkable Urban Code review and commentary


Additional station for Light Rail Transit proponent

Prop 400 committee and worked to get downtown circulator successfully in the program

Embedded track success for the light rail system

South Central Light Rail Transit Committee member

SHIA land advisory committee member

Railvolution presentations (2) to discuss the Phoenix and Fresh Express

Tampa rail presentations to assist in their funding efforts

Trolley tours to showcase all the new development in the central city


Arizona School for the Arts board member for the past 6 years

Medical School tours and testimony for the State funding

Education Summit to better educate the business community with the central city schools

University expansion of the downtown ASU campus including work on the bond committee

BASIS School central city locate assistance for the sale of the property

Museum of Television efforts (2012)

Medical Center tours to better understand the capability of the bio campus

Economic Development

2006 Bond Election member of Executive Committee

IDA Board Member for over 12 years

PCDIC Board initial member and served for 8 years

Convention Center chair of the citizen’s advisory committee

Phoenix Public Market master planning and start up including securing a $250,000 grant

Valley Partnership Board of Directors for 8 years

Fiscal agent for Van Buren Civic Association

Fiscal agent for Warehouse District Council

Created the Discovery Triangle Development Corporation to work on the area between downtown Phoenix and Tempe

Fiscal agent for Discovery Triangle Development Corporation for the first 3 years

Hance Park Conservancy committee involvement including assistance in launching the organization

Affiliate agreement and creation of DPI

Fiscal agent for TEDx (2011)

Cousteau event (2014) fiscal agent and committee member

Channel 8 Advisory board for 6 years

Fiscal agent for State of Downtown Fund (2011)

HUD light rail corridor planning effort participation

Convention Center tours to better direct the expansion projec

Convention and Visitors Bureau board member for 5 years

PCA Initiatives 2000-2007

Housing, Neighborhoods & Commercial Districts

Advocate and work with the City of Phoenix, the Downtown Phoenix Partnership, the Central & Roosevelt Coalition, the Capitol Mall Association and others to complete and implement a mandatory Central City Housing Policy that is supported by neighborhood groups, the business community, and developers

Work with the development community and appropriate city departments to encourage development of quality affordable housing in the Central City consistent with the City of Phoenix’ new housing policy

Attract and assist developers who will invest in and build quality housing for minimum wage earners in the Central City

Provide guidance and technical support to Central City neighborhoods as requested

Implement a Central City Employer Assisted Housing Program in conjunction with Neighborhood Housing Services, Fannie Mae, and Phoenix Revitalization Corporation

Team with the City of Phoenix Police and Neighborhood Services Department to reduce neighborhood crime

Support The Roosevelt Central Coalition in its efforts to develop solutions to problems with crime in that area

Work with the East Van Buren Civic Association in its efforts to mitigate crime and blight to this gateway to the Central City

Continued to support the Roosevelt Central Coalition in its efforts to develop solutions to problems with crime

Continued to promote and support market rate development opportunities in the Central City

Advocated for leveraging the HOPE VI grant funding in Center City South to create a greater diversity of housing alternatives and economic development opportunities in the area

Sponsored a series of meetings to inform the business community about Hope VI

Assisted the Local Initiatives Support Corporation in Phoenix with their community education program

Worked with Make A Difference Foundation, Phoenix Revitalization Corporation and Downtown Phoenix Partnership on a Day for Downtown, a revitalization volunteer effort in Central City South and the Garfield Neighborhood

Served on East Van Buren Civic Association Board of Directors in its efforts to mitigate crime and blight along this gateway to the Central City

Coordinated and co-sponsored Making Space for Urban Arts, a lecture series on arts-based economic development

Assisted property and business owners on West McDowell to form a Commercial District, Historic McDowell Now

Coordinated and co-sponsored an Urban Living Fair with Fannie Mae, Neighborhood Housing Services and the Downtown Phoenix Partnership promoting Central Phoenix

Advocate, support, co-sponsor and promote Downtown and Central City events such as the Downtown Phoenix Public Market, Downtown Home & Loft Tour that contribute to the energy and vitality of our urban community

Continue to work with Historic McDowell Now to improve its commercial district

Promote home ownership

Work with the City of Phoenix to attract new residential developers

Focus on housing for workers by supporting and partnering with the Local Initiative Support Corporation, Arizona Family Housing Fund, Neighborhood Housing Services and other CDCs with proven capacity to develop meaningful workforce housing in the Central City

Work with the Phoenix Industrial Development Authority and the Industrial Development Authority of the County of Maricopa to seek workforce housing for workers in Downtown and the Central City

Work and support the governor’s initiatives for more tax credits to create affordable housing

Support and accelerate the development of small business infrastructure to service new residents in the Central City and to stimulate growth of new and vibrant businesses

Provide guidance and technical support to central city neighborhoods as requested

Promote and support programs such as Historic McDowell Now for neighborhood commercial district revitalization

Coordinate, sponsor, and support events and programs that promote the urban living experience

As high-rise developments such as the Summit at Copper Square and 44 Monroe attract people to the Central City, create an urban environment that responds to the growing needs of these new urban residents

Promote and support new high rise projects, such as Cityscape and One Central Park East

Assist developers in promoting products within the Central City

Work with Central City residential developers and area stakeholders


Develop a comprehensive multi-modal transportation plan with the City of Phoenix, the business community, labor, neighborhoods, and other interested parties

Work with the City of Phoenix on the 2000 Transit Election that would secure permanent funding for an expanded bus system and new light rail system

Participate in the City of Phoenix’s Noise Compatibility Study to ensure that surrounding city neighborhood airport noise issues are adequately addressed

Supported the Tom Hom Group in their effort to bring Campaige Place, a quality, furnished, efficiency apartment project to Phoenix’s Central City

Chaired the Sky Harbor International Airport F.A.R. Part 150 Noise Compatibility Planning Advisory Committee

Chaired the Surface Transportation Advisory Committee

Advocated for a fair and reasonable distribution of new federal transportation dollars to the City of Phoenix

Worked toward a coordinated plan for access, parking, and circulation throughout the Central City

Supported the City of Phoenix in its efforts to expand Sky Harbor International Airport and enhance international service

Contributed to and successfully promoted the passage of the City of Phoenix Transit Tax, expanding bus service and bringing light rail transit to Phoenix

Endorse and promote the City of Phoenix’s efforts to expand Sky Harbor and enhance international service

Together with the City of Phoenix Aviation Department and Valley Metro Rail ensure that the people mover connection is completed

Together with the City of Phoenix Aviation Department, ensure the development of appropriate land uses along Washington Street as they relate to the airport property acquisition program

Continue to work with Valley Metro Rail and the City of Phoenix to facilitate communications with stakeholders regarding issues as addressed by the Citizens Advisory Board

Continue to work with the City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department to attract specialized, well-capitalized developers to complete transit-oriented development projects around the light rail stations in the Central City

Support the Arizona Department of Transportation and the Maricopa Association of Governments as they study commuter rail

Assist and support the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in its housing development program for noise abatement


Support the ASU Downtown Center and promote its expanded program offerings to the PCA members

Encourage member companies to adopt a public, charter, or magnet school through a mentoring or donation program and to share their educational program experiences

Encourage ASU Colleges of Education and Extended Education to enhance programs for the training of school administrators in order to develop effective leadership that recognizes the importance of parental involvement

Supported the ASU Downtown Center and promoted its expanded program offerings to our members

Participated with ASU/U of A/NAU to explore the opportunity for a joint expanded campus in downtown Phoenix

Participated in ASU Advisory Council for Extended Education

Continued to recognize and respond to opportunities to match business resources with Central City school needs.

Assisted Arizona School for the Arts, Metro Arts Academy, Valley Youth Theater, Phoenix Boys Choir and other charter schools and youth organizations with their expansion plans, projects and programs

When downtown multi-purpose stadium proposal was not selected, successfully encouraged the City of Phoenix to purchase property assembled to bank it for future uses (now the Phoenix Biomedical Campus)

The future of Arizona colleges and universities are inexorably linked to the health of our community.  The expansion of our universities in downtown Phoenix is fueling new economic development capacity and spurring new growth both locally and statewide.  PCA is committed to pursuing opportunities to leverage resources from the private sector to advance our mutual goals

PCA will continue to focus on the needs of our primary and secondary schools and our growing urban population.

In addition, PCA will work to ensure that our members remain focused on long range issues critical to the future development of our urban landscape

Pursue opportunities to develop and enhance resources for higher education in the Central City

Continue to assist and support as requested the Arizona Board of Regents, The University of Arizona Medical School in Downtown Phoenix, and ASU as they expand their facilities, colleges, and programs in downtown Phoenix

Continue to assist and support ASU with its ongoing expansion in downtown Phoenix, including ASU at the Mercado, University College, the College of Design and PURL, the College of Nursing, the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, KAET Channel 8, and other colleges and departments as requested

Continue to work with Northern Arizona University as requested as it expands its presence and programs into the Central City

Continue to assist the Maricopa Community Colleges system as requested as it continues to grow in the Central City

Assist and support as requested to attract other institutions of higher education to expand our Central City resources

Continue to chair the President’s Advisory Council for Gateway Community College and Phoenix College

Continue to chair the KAET Channel 8 Community Advisory Board

Continue to serve as a member of the ASU Provost’s Business Advisory Council, the ASU College of Nursing & Healthcare Innovation Business Advisory Group, the ASU Council for Design Excellence, Northern Arizona University President’s Valley Board of Advisors, and The University of Arizona College of Medicine Advisory Board

Continue to assist and support the superintendent and staff of the Phoenix Union High School District and the Phoenix Elementary School District as requested

Continue to assist and support the directors and boards of Central City charter schools including Arizona School for the Arts, Genesis, Metro Arts, and other charter schools as requested

Assist other primary and secondary educational institutions as requested

Work with governments and government agencies and departments as requested to assist and support public policy issues, programs, and commissions

Assist and support Valley Youth Theater, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, the Arizona Science Center, the Phoenix Museum of History, the Phoenix Art Museum, the Heard Museum, the City of Phoenix Parks Department and other Central City institutions with their youth programs and expansion plans as appropriate and as requested

Bring together the talent and resources of our members: leaders from business, government, education, science, culture, civic, religious and community stakeholders to engage their professional talent and expertise to develop creative ideas and opportunities

Use and engage local resources such as PURL, the Urban Land Institute, the Arizona chapter of the American Institute of Architects, and other professional organizations to develop programs to address local urban challenges and develop new ideas for future planning

Provide information to our members and the community about emerging urban issues, new challenges, and fresh ideas from our local professional resources and from our local universities including ASU, The University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University and our other educational institutions

Recognizing that arts and culture venues and facilities are critical to the success of the Central City, assist arts groups as they seek to assure their growth, stability, and continued success

Work with Arizona State University and The University of Arizona to assist with the expansion of university activity in the core

Capital Mall Development

Coordinate discussions with Maricopa Association of Governments and human service providers in Arizona’s Capitol Mall District and achieve mutual agreement regarding management, investment and commitment for a Human Services Campus

Identify funding sources for the operation of the Human Services Campus, including emergency shelter, healthcare, food services, transitional housing and job training

Encourage, assist and advocate on behalf of the Capitol Mall human service providers as requested in their efforts to develop and deliver comprehensive shelter, housing, and services to homeless persons, especially as it lessens the impact on the area

Work with the U.S. Post Office to relocate the homeless post office

Support state funding for behavioral health programs and, specifically, the housing vouchers for mentally ill persons who could become homeless and would very likely be among those on the streets in the Arizona Capitol Mall District

Advocate on behalf of the legislative study groups and other organizations to find appropriate funding solutions for issues related to homelessness

Support increases to the State’s Housing Trust Fund and explore other financial resources for the development of affordable housing

Catalyze and advocate the Legacy Bungalows (the first apartment housing project in more than 35 years in the Capitol Mall area) at 12th Avenue and Van Buren to assure groundbreaking and construction

Work with the City of Phoenix Assistant Chief of Police and Commanders and the Capitol Mall police to support increased interdiction and prosecution of drug dealers in Arizona’s Capitol Mall District

Work with the City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department, the Chamber of Commerce, property owners and the real estate community to develop a business retention and promotion strategy for the area

Serve on the Legislative Governmental Mall Commission

Encourage human service providers to complete their internal planning processes to give focus to the rapidly changing character of the area

Serve on Maricopa County Continuum of Care Task Force

Encourage, assist, and advocate on behalf of the Capitol Mall human service providers as requested in their efforts to develop and deliver comprehensive shelter, housing, and services to the homeless

Celebrate Groundbreaking of the Human Services Campus

Supporte the enhancement and expansion of the DASH service to the Capitol Mall area

Worked with City of Phoenix Assistant Chief of Police and Commanders to support increased interdiction and prosecution of drug dealers

Participated in planning discussions with Central Arizona Shelter Services and other homeless providers with regard to comprehensive campus-type shelter

Supported the Arizona Department of Administration’s fiscal year capital budget recommendations and fiscal year building renewal requests

Adopt and implement the Capitol Mall Centennial Plan as developed by PURL and sponsored by the PCA, establishing a general layout of the Capitol Mall District along with parameters for the design of the Capitol Mall complex and its associated urban connections

Work with the State of Arizona, the Legislative Governmental Mall Committee, Maricopa County, the City of Phoenix, and all existing stakeholders to adopt and begin implementation of the Capitol Mall Centennial Plan

 Support the Human Services Campus as it continues to develop and serve the community

Facilitate private development projects and investment opportunities consistent with the Capitol Mall Centennial Plan

Urban Infrastructure

Form the PCA Bond Election Committee to assure all the needs of the Central City are addressed

Team with ASU Joint Urban Design Program, the Downtown Phoenix Partnership, the City of Phoenix, and others to identify urban design strengths and weaknesses in the area, and to develop a vision and strategies for creating a distinct identify for the area while linking the Central City components.

Advocated to develop a mixed-use zoning ordinance to facilitate new development in the redevelopment area

Co-sponsored Arizona Infrastructure Conference to identify and address regional infrastructure needs

Ensure that Phoenix’s Downtown and Central City are among America’s top civic localities by adopting and adapting the most up-to-date standards for sustainable development

With the Arizona State University (ASU) Phoenix Urban Research Laboratory (PURL), the Downtown Phoenix Partnership, the City of Phoenix, and others, continue to identify urban design strengths and weaknesses. Work to complete and implement the Urban Form Zoning Ordinance and to implement Downtown Phoenix Strategic Vision and Blueprint for the Future, assuring that all components are appropriately linked and complement one another

Monitor the development of projects funded through the City of Phoenix Citizens’ Bond Committee Program

Work together to discover new standards for design, planning, development, construction and urban form and help to communicate best practices for the Central City

Formulate and implement programs to stimulate discussion, develop goals, and implement strategies that lead to desired outcomes for the Central City’s urban growth

Focus on important future urban issues such as sustainable living, green development, open space, public space, economic development, and social change

Support Parks and Preserves Tax Initiatives Campaign Phoenix

Ensure that the Urban Form Zoning Ordinance is implemented

Work with the City of Phoenix, the Downtown Phoenix Partnership and all stakeholders to create a plan to provide shade along sidewalks where there is no shade or create respite from the summer heat

Work with the City of Phoenix, the Downtown Phoenix Partnership and all stakeholders to improve pedestrian connectivity by creating and identifying more walking shortcuts, such as mid-block crossings and connections between buildings

Work with the City of Phoenix, the Downtown Phoenix Partnership and stakeholders to identify, create, and promote summer respite stations that offer water, rest, and comfort along major walkways

Ensure that pedestrian facilities accommodate the special needs of people with disabilities, strollers, handcarts, etc.

Create an interest in walking by identifying and creating opportunities for public art and desert flowers and plants for the enjoyment of pedestrians

Continue to work with the City of Phoenix to advocate for more effective and timely processing programs that respond to development needs in the Central City

Promote the development of viable pedestrian paths throughout the Central City

Partner with the City of Phoenix to obtain New Markets Tax Credit authority and work on Central City projects that could benefit from the program

Support the development of an entertainment district in the Warehouse District

Catalyze further development of the arts with the Phoenix Arts Commission, the arts community, and entrepreneurs to assure that Downtown and the Central City cultural assets are sustained and continue to grow and enrich the community

Central Avenue

Coordinated discussion with Central Avenue property owners, businesses and the City of Phoenix to address Central Avenue issues with regard to the Light Rail Transit station locations and design

Co-sponsored a Central Avenue Economic Development Workshop with the City of Phoenix

Launched Scroogbusters II Campaign to raise funds for Central Avenue decorations with an initial $30,000 in funds from the businesses and private citizens

Raised $5.5 million toward the development of the Steele Indian School Park and assisted the City of Phoenix to celebrate the Grand Opening of Phase I

Promoted a full range of development projects along the Central Avenue Corridor including office, commercial, and residential projects

Continue to implement key points of the Central Avenue Corridor Economic Development Strategy

Work with Valley Metro Rail, the City of Phoenix and property owners to implement an appropriate landscape program for Central Avenue between Fillmore and Roosevelt streets

Continue to seek, promote, and accept grants for the Steele Indian School Park for programs and development

Work with the City of Phoenix to create linkages to other Central City amenities

Assure that new high-rise residential projects are well integrated into the Central Corridor to distinguish the area as a pedestrian-friendly area along its main connector, light rail transit

Work with the City of Phoenix, property owners, and other stakeholders to develop plans and create opportunities for transit-oriented development in the evolving commercial districts on cross streets adjoining the light rail transit on Central Avenue

Complete $5.4 million fundraising campaign and celebrate opening of Steele Indian School Park

Focus on enhancing the Central Avenue Corridor between 7th Avenue and 7th Street to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment that includes shade and bicycle paths

As a result of light rail, parade routes have been diverted. Explore opportunities to enhance the image of Phoenix along newly defined parade routes

Hotel, Retail & Convention Center

In conjunction with the City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department, supported and assisted the City of Phoenix in its efforts to develop major convention hotel in downtown Phoenix as well as other hotel products in the Central City

Supported and assisted the City of Phoenix in its efforts to develop additional retail opportunities

Chaired the Phoenix Civic Plaza Expansion Building Subcommittee and explored how Phoenix Civic Plaza should be expanded

Promoted the development of quality retail outlets to support the needs of the expanded residential development in the Central City

Participated in dialogue and discussions with Maricopa County regarding expansion of their facilities along Jackson Street

Recognizing the competitive nature of the industry, work to ensure that the expansion of the Phoenix Convention Center proceeds on time, as planned, and fulfills the ultimate goals of the expansion.

Support and assist as requested the efforts of the Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau to use the new facility to promote the Arizona experience and achieve its potential as the premier convention center in the Southwest

Encourage the Phoenix Convention Center to be aggressive and competitive, seeking as a first priority convention bookings that will ensure economic stability for our downtown hotels and other businesses

Work to ensure that new planned hotels and additional hotel rooms are located convenient to and are completed at the same time as the Phoenix Convention Center

Support the City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department and the City of Phoenix Downtown Development Office in their efforts to complete construction of the 1,000-room Sheraton Hotel and to attract and complete the development of other hotels and expand hotel rooms in Copper Square

Seek and support private development and construction of other hotels in downtown Phoenix, such as the 12 Hotel

Partner with the Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Downtown Phoenix Partnership to evaluate opportunities to enhance the convention hotel guest experience within the Central City

Work with groups to enhance other guest experiences, more specifically the Papago Park Centennial development plan

Health & Bioscience

Advocated on behalf of the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGEN)

Support the continued development of the Phoenix Biomedical Campus

Support the Arizona Biomedical Collaborative and the Bioscience Roadmap

Work with government and the private sector to ensure that the goals of TGen and the International Genomics Consortium are achieved

Support the The University of Arizona College of Medicine in downtown Phoenix a world-class educational facility

Support efforts to expand the campus to include a College of Pharmacy

Work with government(s) and the private sector to support the expansion of The University of Arizona College of Medicine, Arizona State University, and Northern Arizona University on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus

Work with the City of Phoenix, other stakeholders and the private sector to provide space and infrastructure for the expanding business of translating research into technology

Work with the City of Phoenix and other stakeholders to ensure that as the campus grows it is connected and integrated with the surrounding amenities in downtown Phoenix

Work with the City of Phoenix and others to ensure that the growing bioscience employment base is provided with the housing and amenities that will be required

Focus on streamlining the integration of health care facilities within the Downtown and Central City

Assist health care providers as they explore expansion options within the downtown area

As our urban environment grows, assist Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, Barrow Neurological Institute and St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, Maricopa Medical Center, Phoenix Memorial Hospital and St. Luke’s Medical Center in meeting our mutual goals and objectives

Serve as a communications liaison between central city health care institutions and the business community

Work with the City of Phoenix to ensure that these institutions are easily connected to downtown, to the light rail, and specifically to the Phoenix Biomedical Campus

Work with Central City health care institutions to explore development opportunities in the areas surrounding their facilities

PCA Initiatives 1983 – 1999


Initiate advocacy for Neighborhood Initiative Area Designation in Central and Roosevelt area.

Partner with City of Phoenix and Arizona State University for Joint Central City Housing Town Hall.

Review New Urban Residential Zoning Ordinance

Support City of Phoenix’s request for new downtown hotel proposal

Participate and co-sponsor a Reinventing Neighborhood Charrette for the Central and Roosevelt area

Participate with City of Phoenix for the development of a Central City Housing Policy

Attract interested residential developers to the Central City.

Launch discussions about a joint Central City Marketing Initiative.

Present Gather the Tools, A Focus Report on Issues of Homelessness and Human Services in the Capitol of Arizona January 1998, to stakeholders and the community.

Assemble discussions with the Arizona Department of Administration to explore creative solutions to develop state buildings in Arizona’s Capitol Mall District

House and support the Phoenix Revitalization Corporation, a non-profit CDC


Completion of The Met at Third and Fillmore, first new mixed-affordable market rate apartment in Downtown Phoenix in more than 20 years

Provide office space for Corporation for Supportive Housing

Initiate meetings between City of Phoenix and Central and Roosevelt to reduce crime in the area

Coordinate City of Phoenix’s request to generate interest among Downtown Hotel Developers

Develop Arizona’s Capitol Mall District Revitalization Strategic Plan with area stakeholders

Grand Opening of McDowell Marketplace, first new grocery store in Downtown Phoenix in more than 20 years

Cosponsor Capitol Mall Charrette with Arizona State University Joint Urban Design Program, American Institute of Architects, City of Phoenix, Arizona State Department of Administration and Capitol Mall Association

Advised the City of Phoenix Downtown Pedestrian Circulation Study

Cosponsor workshop to educate property owners about property tax structure and property valuation appeals

Coordinate  Native American community, business, government, civic and community leaders to Indian School Park to communicate and celebrate the vision of its development

Promote the development of affordable and market rate, multi-residential housing in the Central City

Conduct bus tours to acquaint state legislators with affordable and supportive housing developments around the Central City

Coordinate the formation of the Central and Roosevelt Coalition

Coordinate community effort to examine issues of homelessness and human services in the Arizona’s Capitol Mall District

Launch and mobilize a fundraising campaign to raise $6,000,000 toward the development of the Indian School Park

Present Renaissance of the Capitol Mall District, Proceedings of the Capitol Mall Charrette, November 1996, to stakeholders and the community

Coordinate Tour of Affordable and SRO’s Housing Projects in other cities

Coordinate Tour of Human Service Facilities in other cities

Bank One Ballpark opens


Advocate for the development of multiresidential, mixed-income housing project in downtown Phoenix

Passage of Economic Development legislation

Start the Legislative Issues Committee

Participate in the grant application for Phoenix Preparatory Academy, City of Phoenix and Valley Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program

Launch the Capitol Mall Task Force to address blighted Arizona’s Capitol Mall District

Coordinate with the City of Phoenix to purchase the RTC property, use of bond funds to develop multi-family, with affordable component, housing project, which is The Met at 3rd and Fillmore

Assume responsibility for launching intense revitalization effort in Arizona’s Capitol Mall District

Advocate for legislation to reconstitute Governmental Mall Commission

Advocate for Overlay Zoning District in Arizona’s Capitol Mall District

Recommend City of Phoenix upgrade plans for new Downtown Transit Facility

Advise City of Phoenix in deliberations relative to new Criminal Justice Facility

Support the development of the Federal Courthouse in Arizona’s Capitol Mall District

Coordinate establishment of Anti-Graffiti Hotline with the City of Phoenix and Maricopa County Attorney.

Advocate funding for $1,000,000 for land acquisition with the State of Arizona for new state office buildings in Arizona’s Capitol Mall District

Provide guidance, as well as fundraising, financial and technical support to stabilize Capitol Mall Association

Formation of PCA’s Capitol Mall Committee to carry our recommendations of Task Force


Publish a study, A Third Convention Hotel in Downtown Phoenix

Implement legislation to allow Arizona cities to grant economic development incentives to projects that provide a major public purpose

Establish Phoenix’s Local Initiatives Support Corporation Program office and staff at the PCA offices

Advocate legislation to provide incentives for public/private partnerships for housing construction

America West Arena opens

Form PCA’s Education Committee in support of Phoenix Preparatory Academy

Partner with the City of Phoenix Police Department to eliminate cruising activities along Central Avenue


PCA Offices relocate to Arizona State Downtown Center to foster and expand cooperative partnership with ASU

Participate in the development of a 25-year Downtown Plan

Mobilize with the City of Phoenix Downtown Phoenix Partnership Steering Committee

Support initiatives to extend Bond Program to eight years

Invite the Local Initiatives Support Corporation to study Phoenix as a possible program area

Arizona Center opens

Merge with Central Avenue Association to broaden PCA’s organization and scope

Mobilize PCA’s Hotel Committee to review the need for additional hotel facilities in Downtown Phoenix

Advocate on behalf of proposed expanded Indian School Park site

Raise $1,000,000 matched by the Local Initiatives Support Corporation for a Phoenix Local Initiatives Support Corporation program

Supported Phoenix Revitalization Corporation by providing office space


Advocate for 1988 Bond Program

Provide financial support to study and to create a strategy for Downtown Housing

Cosponsor and promote the formation of the ASU Joint Urban Design Studio Project

Host International Desert Cities Conference concept and staff

Promote Transportation and Rapid Transit initiatives

Cosponsor and implement Market Research on Downtown Housing with the City of Phoenix

Endorse City of Phoenix and Phoenix Suns joint-funding of Downtown Arena

Research and endorse new site for Phoenix Elementary School District’s junior high school in downtown Phoenix

Promote Downtown Shuttle Service

Work with the City of Phoenix to implement International Downtown Association Downtown Management & Improvement study

1986 – 1987

The Rouse Company was selected to develop Arizona Center, downtown Phoenix’s first mixed-use project

Participate in negotiations between City of Phoenix and The Rouse Company on project incentives

Participate, promote and support the 1998 Bond Election

Lead study and promote the Central Avenue Beautification project

Work with local artist community to support the development of the Art Detour Program

Promote quality development in Downtown Phoenix and a third downtown hotel

Lead promotion and lend support for the Downtown Arena for Phoenix Suns

Arizona Center breaks ground


The Central Phoenix Redevelopment Plan, a master concept plan was published to outline the expansion and redevelopment of central city from 7th St. to 7th Ave, and Harrison St. to Camelback Rd.

Downtown Streetscape, Housing and Downtown Arena finance and co-sponsor study was published

Governmental Mall Commission formation was successfully advocated

Designing & Building a Great City: Phoenix, an eight-year lecture series program, was launched

Land for the Arizona Center was acquired

Lend support for the Interstate 10 freeway expansion and addition of Deck Park site

Advocate and promote the location of Arizona State University campus in downtown Phoenix


The Phoenix Community Alliance is formed by Phoenix’s business leaders to pull together government, civic, cultural, educational and faith-based organizations to conceive, plan and implement the components for developing an urban core for a 21st Century city