Center City Starr Awards

Since 1993, Phoenix Community Alliance (PCA) has honored men and women from the public, private, and non-profit sectors who have made outstanding contributions to advance the quality of life and further the renaissance of Central Phoenix. The Center City Champion Award was presented from 1993 to 1997. In 1998, the award was renamed the Center City Starr Award after the late Barry Starr, PCA’s long-time President. Prior to joining PCA, Starr served as a City of Phoenix Police Officer, Valley Big Brothers Executive Director, Phoenix City Council Member, and Assistant to Governor Rose Mofford and Mayor Paul Johnson. Starr was a driving force behind the development of Steele Indian School Park.

The Center City Starr Award honors individuals who:

  • Consistently lead and challenge the community to continued quality growth and development.
  • Unfailingly support the commitment and efforts of business, government, educational, cultural, civic and religious organizations, neighborhood groups, property owners, and individuals to revitalize Central Phoenix and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Tirelessly devote their time, talent, and resources to the betterment of Central Phoenix.

Past award recipients nominate, vote for, and present each year’s awardees at PCA’s annual meeting and luncheon. The list of PCA award recipients is as follows:

1993 Robert L. Matthews*

1993 Donald Bliss*

1994 Marvin Andrews*

1994 Frank Fairbanks*

1995 Jerry Colangelo*

1995 The Honorable Paul Johnson*

1996 The Honorable Jane Dee Hull*

1996 Louis A. “Chip” Weil*

1996 Ray Bladine*

1997 Barry Starr

1997 Richard Snell

1997 Kevin Keogh

1998 The Honorable Tom Smith

1998 The Honorable Skip Rimsza

1998 William Shover

1998 Keith Turley

1999 Sheryl Sculley

1999 Dan Cracchiolo, Esq.

1999 Martin Schultz

2000 Neil Irwin, Esq.

2000 Bette De Graw, Ph.D.

2000 The Honorable Rick Romley

2001 Lattie Coor, Ph.D.

2001 Ronald Bookbinder

2002 The Honorable Ed Pastor

2002 Jerry Bisgrove

2003 Jack Tevlin

2003 William Post

2004 The Honorable John Nelson

2004 Richard Mallery, Esq.

2005 Valerie Manning

2005 The Honorable Phil Gordon

2006 The Honorable James Bruner

2006 Mark Holleran

2006 Steve Zabilski

2006 David Smith

2007 James Ballinger

2007 Brian Kearney

2008 Judy Jolley Mohraz

2008 John Murphy

2008 Richard Simonetta

2009 Cindy Gentry

2009 David Krietor

2009 Kurt Schneider

2010 Michael M. Crow, Ph.D.

2010 Michael Ebert

2010 Linda Hunt

2011 Eugene Giovannini, Ph.D.

2011 Jeffrey Trent, Ph.D.

2013 Greg Esser

2013 Cindy Dach

2013 Stuart Flynn, M.D.

2015 Diane Yazzie Devine

2015 Charlie Levy

2015 JoMarie McDonald

2015 Ed Zuercher

* Center City Champion Award